Creating the first online virtual reality museum on the Solana Blockchain

Meet our first art collection.

What is Solseum™?

Solseum™ is a museum for NFT Collections for the entire Solana Blockchain.

Our main objective is the creation of a new VR metaverse where you, your friends and other Art Enjoyers can interact while appreciating NFT collectibles of the entire Solana Ecosystem.

It's time to dust off yours NFTs!

A museum in your home

Our first project is the creation of an AR application for Android and iOS, where you can view yours NFTs through Augmented Reality.

You will also be able to record videos and take pictures of your NFTs.


What is GanSol?




These are the three words that define GanSol, a collection of 3333 uniquely random generated NFT, with over 8 different attributes on the Solana Blockchain.

The obtained funds will be used to contruct the Online Virtual Reality Museum.

The main objective to become an Art Enjoyer (holder) will be the free use of all your NFTs Collectibles in our applications

3333 Nft

1-1.5 SOL

Launch Date: TBA

Full Access to Apps



Our team was born from our passion and love for technology, a love that has been growing since we met at college. We have been woking on multiple projects since, forming a small team of 3 members that complement each other perfectly.

Our main goal, as team of Solseum, is to expand the limits that exists in Solana's cryptoart, taking advantage of existing technologies and sharing them!!. We don't just want to be different, we want to be the best.


Project Leader , Full Stack Developer


Artist Creator, Unity Developer


Main Developer,Game Designer


Solseum™ is our dream to build the first VR Online Museum for the entire Solana Ecosystem. Here you can take the NFTs in your wallets to a new dimension by exhibiting them in our museum, you can also have a really good time with the other visitors of the Museum!.

Is an Android/iOS app where you can visualize the NFTs of our collection and from our collaborators, taking pictures around your room and also record some videos!.

GanSol are a collection of 3333 uniquely randomly generated NFTs, with over 8 different attributes being the chadest guy in the entire Solana Blockchain.

As a holder you will have completly full access to all the features in our Mobile App and Museum!.

Yes, the museum and the Mobile App will be free for everyone, but the holders will have really cool extra functionalities!.

There will be a total of 3333 GanSol

We plan to launch in the last week of October. Stay tuned to Discord and Twitter for more information.

A GanSol will cost between 1-1.5 SOL . The final price will be announced days before the mint day.

We are going to use this NFT Generator for create our NFTs. Final information about attributes and rarities will be published before mint

We want to be listed in Solanart, DigitalEyes, Alpha Art, Solsea and Magic Eden

Yes, royalties will be set at 5%

No, we don't have any pre-sale planned.

Yes, we will do a lot of fun dinamics to ruffle our GanSol